Dazzling Her with a Diamond Wedding Ring Set

If you are planning to propose there is no better way to do it than with a diamond wedding ring set. The custom of using a diamond ring to signify marriage has been around since 1477 when Maximillan I of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. The idea of the ring was to bring together the two houses and show the country the unification of the bond they shared.
Mary of Burgandy’s daughter would follow in her footsteps as being the second woman to ever receive a diamond engagement ring. Of course, she was also the youngest woman at a mere two years old. Things have changed a considerable amount since those days. Children no longer receive diamond wedding ring sets and wedding rings are now given to show the undying love and romance that a couple feels for one another.
The public generally pays close attention to the diamond wedding ring sets that are given and received. From the royal couples to television stars there is a fascination with the type of rings they are wearing. In fact, in many cases these same diamond wedding ring sets are replicated to allow people from all walks of life the chance to have a celebrity style ring.
Some of the most popular diamond wedding ring sets have belonged to royalty. Grace Kelly received an emerald cut diamond wedding ring from Prince Rainier that weighed in at 12 carats in total diamond weight. Queen Elizabeth II received an extremely rare diamond wedding ring from her husband, Prince Phillip. In fact, her ring was so rare it was made completely of diamonds from his mother’s tiara.
One of the most popular diamond wedding ring set replicas would have to belong to Camilla Parker Bowles. The replica ring sets were made to look antique as Camilla Parker Bowles had actually received a very old ring which had originally belonged to the Queen. The ring is a lovely diamond wedding ring, which has an emerald cut, center diamond that is surrounded by three additional diamond baguettes on both sides.
The most popular celebrity replica would have to be a product of the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. This diamond wedding ring was anything but average. It weighed in at six carats and was a lovely pink color. The diamond was then placed in a platinum band and had some smaller diamonds on each side. Women all over the world had their eyes on this ring and hoped to receive something equally as special when they became engaged.
Choosing a beautiful diamond wedding ring set has been a tradition for centuries. When it is your turn, make sure that you think like a celebrity, but shop like a consumer. Attempt to find a good deal, but with a ring that stands out. If your girlfriend shows real interest in a celebrity’s ring then you might consider looking for a replica. However, you might wish to find something original, be it a one-of-a-kind antique or something designed on your own.
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