Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings

Everybody knows that “diamond are a girl’s best friend,” but only a few know the true value of a diamond. The value of a diamond can be judged by four factors -- color, cut, clarity and carat. It is very important to take these factors into consideration when buying platinum diamond wedding rings.
In theory, a carat can be defined as a unit of weight for gemstones. One carat equals 1/5 of a gram. Carats are partitioned into 100 units that are termed points. One carat is divided into 100 points. Always remember that a carat is a unit of weight, not a unit of size.
Though, the clarity and color of a diamond are usually rated, scales are not uniform. There is always some doubt regarding the clarity and color of a diamond. That’s why it is worthwhile to have an idea as to how scale and grade signify the color or clarity of the diamond you are considering buying.
A diamond can be termed as perfect if it satisfies one condition. The condition is there should be no visible surface in the diamond when viewed under 10-power magnification by a skilled diamond grader.
When buying platinum diamond wedding rings, always opt for whitest white diamond. The reflecting and refracting power of a diamond is totally dependent on its whiteness. In other words, the whiter the color the more it will reflect and refract light. According to experts, when white light enters the diamond part of the ray is reflected back and the rest penetrates the stone. Color differences are impossible to determine by the untrained eye, so always opt for gemologists in this regard.
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