Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are very popular for many people all over the world especially when given as a gift for ladies. Diamond is in fact the one of the most sought after minerals in the world. The prices of diamonds have shot up over time that it can cost a man an arm and a leg. Whoever receives a diamond ring feels that he or she is very special because they too are aware of how much it costs in the market nowadays.
Mining of Diamonds
Diamonds were initially mined in India although some groups still debate on the exact nature of the stone they named Adamas. Currently, other diamond mines have been discovered primarily in Africa, Canada and Australia.
Diamond Set on an Engagement Ring
As a symbolism of betrothal, some men will purchase a gold banded ring with a diamond stone mounted on top of it. They intentionally purchase the more expensive diamond rings because it symbolizes their commitment to the relationship which is corollary to the marriage vows one takes during a wedding ceremony. Many will argue that a diamond is the most expensive, beautiful and enduring gem in the world.
Production of Diamond Rings by De Beers
De Beers is the most widely-known company engaged in diamond mining and is present in about 25 countries due to its exploration activities although they are mainly headquartered at Luxemburg. The company was founded in 1888 at South Africa. They are responsible for about 40% of the total production of diamonds in the world. Their services include the marketing and promotion of diamonds. In fact, their slogan is one of the most popular slogans in the world and has been used in songs and even one James Bond movie. The slogan goes like this “A diamond is forever” which was initially rolled in 1947.
Due to its extensive marketing campaigns, they have been effective in presenting the diamond as the primary symbol of appreciation and lasting affection to which an engagement or wedding ring has been equated to. Other campaigns initiated by De Beers were eternity diamond rings and the trilogy diamond rings which represents past, present and future of couples and the right hand ring which symbolizes the independence of women. Through all these campaigns, they have successfully penetrated the jewelry industry and the company has become a front runner in the marketing of diamond rings.
Fight Against Synthetic Diamond Rings
As a major proponent for real diamond rings and jewelry, the company of De Beers has taken steps against modern technologies which seeks to gain a share of the diamond market. A program called “Gem Defensive Program” was developed which introduced an instrument which could allegedly detect a ring made of synthetic and simulant diamonds. Both types of diamonds are acknowledged as created to simulate the look of a real diamond.
Whatever way the industry goes, the public is sure to continue patronizing diamond rings as the best gift one could give their loved ones. It symbolizes everything what a relationship should: strong and durable through the test of times.
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